One-to-One or Group Wellbeing & Performance Coaching for HR Leaders & Leadership Teams

Thank you so much for the service and support that you have provided. It has been a sterling investment and some of the best money I have ever spent!
— VS, Managing Director

One-to-One Leadership Coaching

Regardless of your seniority you are not super human, yet many female leaders I speak to, admit they live according to the belief that leadership means being perfect. Or not perfect exactly… but darn near close!

Even though business might tell us to be “authentic” the reality is many of us are scared to take our masks off (myself included) until I was forced to do so.

And, I get it.

In the workplace, how can you positively model progression, and openly admit you’re stuck?

Or how can you motivate others and be in free-fall yourself?

As a leader myself I know it can be hard to let your guard down and share what’s really going on for you. The trust and safety has to be there. But the reality is: we all struggle from time to time; and pretending otherwise will only serve to sap your energy and mess with your head.

I’ve experienced a major illness, relationship breakdown, loss and bereavement - all whilst single handedly running my own business. I successfully took it to six figures - until I realised I was exhausted, unhappy and felt trapped!

But as someone who continues to benefit from exceptional coaching I know how quickly you can move from “faking it” to being real - especially with yourself. So you can step up as the authentic leader you are, whatever’s happening in your world.

Together, we will help you identify and release the blocks or beliefs that are causing you angst or holding you back, which in turn will make it easier (and quicker) to move forward. And when you’ve experienced transformational coaching for yourself, it’s so much easier to level up and BE the leader you sense inside.

It might sound challenging but my coaching style is a powerful mix! As an IAC® Certified Masteries Coach (CMC) I blend intuitive skills alongside insights gained through the delivery of evidence-based complementary therapies* to improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing (The Imperfect Leader will embrace all 3.) And through supporting thousands of women to navigate their pregnancies and return to the workplace I’ve honed my ability (and theirs) to sit with vulnerability, fear, change and uncertainty. 20+ years in business, the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries™ and 11 ICF Core Competencies give our sessions a structure and frame, and I always try to ensure we have some fun and laughter too.

I work with a mix of mid-level and senior leaders across industry gifted coaching by their company, as well as ambitious individuals committed to their growth. I only work with a few people on a one-to-one basis so please click here to apply and discuss your needs.

*Whilst I no longer routinely practice I have over 15 years experience working with aromatherapy massage, essential oils and reflexology and am a passionate believer in the body/mind connection and taking a holistic approach to your wellbeing and performance.

Group Leadership Coaching

“We can’t become ourselves, by ourselves” is a mantra I truly believe in. I’m all for independence but sometimes being part of a group will get you further, faster…and with a lot more fun.

As a smart, strategic and entrepreneurial change-maker with 20+ years coaching and mentoring leaders and facilitating their development, I’ve drawn on extensive experience to create a unique 3 day leadership program where leaders will discover the 3 pillars critical in helping them to thrive, and rise; whatever change, challenge or uncertainty you are all facing.

I’ve exceptional listening skills, influence and leadership presence; able to work with a diverse level of leadership competence to facilitate powerful change, and I’m incredibly passionate about what I do. This program will deliver the same cutting-edge coaching and facilitation techniques to build the emotional intelligence and self-reflection necessary that modern day leaders need to progress as you would receive in my one-to-one coaching program, but as a group experience which can be even more powerful.

Through the creation of leadership development and working parent coaching programs I’ve a proven track record of delivering a high-quality learner experience and ROI. As a natural communicator and relationship builder I achieve high levels of connection and engagement and make depth work feel safe to explore.

I’ve worked with many leaders including those at Savills, 3M, Shell, Clifford Chance, DTZ and Barclays. This training can be taken as a stand-alone for a collective or combined with one-to-one coaching for all, or some of your team.