The Imperfect Leader Program

A 12 Week Online or 3 Day Transformational Training and Coaching Program

specifically for HR Leaders and those in business;

needing support and ready to rise.

People expect HR professionals to be perfect, to be “on it”. To give great advice to others and to be living and breathing it ourselves. There’s this expectation that we don’t need help.
— Alex Arundel, Group HRD, Advanced

Letting go of “Perfect”

Life is messy and leadership is tough. There’s no doubt many companies provide solid leadership training but the feedback I often receive is they don’t go “deep enough” or help you feel “safe enough” to really let go. Being honest about your struggles takes courage, but being brave is the new black.

Admitting your work is impacting on your relationships, you’re struggling with your mental health or feeling emotionally fragile can seem like career suicide; but when you stop pretending to be perfect, others can relate.

Many women (including myself) undervalue our skills and over compensate our efforts, leading to frustration, exhaustion and burnout. Role models are not relatable and appear almost super human. But the truth is leaders get sick, and have problems too.

My (hidden) fear of failure was pushed to the limit when I was diagnosed with breast cancer but I came to realise that wellbeing is priceless, and self care a must.

Now cancer-free I’ve discovered there are 3 pillars critical to helping you thrive and rise (and embrace imperfection)!

Becoming an Imperfect Leader

12 Week Online Course / 3 Day In Person Workshop

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Ghandi

Creating sustainable workplace cultures, healthier people and higher performance starts with you.

Emotional health, mental resilence and physical wellbeing takes more than a good diet, yoga and a morning meditation. High performers may have a growth mindset but we all have limiting beliefs.

As a leader your self awareness needs to be sharper than most but it can be difficult to go it alone and always be objective. Leaders often model strength but struggle with vulnerability or the fear of failure.

Working closely, either online or in person, you’ll be part of a collaborative community of your peers; collectively letting go of pretending to be perfect, and instead, striving for greatness and growth.

If you’re at a crossroads, underperforming or overwhelmed, becoming an Imperfect Leader might just be the path for you.