The Imperfect Leader Program

A 12 Month Mentor Mastermind & Wellbeing Program for HR Leaders & Leadership Teams

Starting January 2020

People expect HR professionals to be perfect, to be “on it”. To give great advice to others and to be living and breathing it ourselves. There’s this expectation that we don’t need help.
— Alex Arundel, Group HRD, Advanced

Letting go of “Perfect”

Leadership today is tough, complex and challenging. Maintaining good relationships, juggling a life outside of the office and keeping your health and wellbeing in tip top condition is essential to ensuring you perform at your best. But the need for constant productivity and increased performance puts pressure on even the most capable or talented - and we all need time to exhale.

It takes courage to be honest and most of aren’t great at sharing our truth. New research has found that a majority of managers in the UK have admitted to putting their company’s interests above the wellbeing of their staff, but this is a short term strategy that serves no-one and costs us all*.

The role of the leader is changing. But admitting that you’re overloaded, overwhelmed or out of your depth; struggling with your mental health or feeling emotionally fragile after a loss or a breakup is not the default behaviour for most.

Ask most leaders to be more open and many will say it’s “career suicide” to do so. “I’ll figure it out”. "I’ll be ok”. “It’s not an option when I’ve worked so hard to get here”.

But it’s this thinking that’s keeping you stuck.

It’s not always easy to be the leader, to go first and be the pioneer. But if you change how you operate so will the culture you’re a part of. Helping you, helping others, heck I believe, even helping the world.

If you want more growth and impact, I promise you: Do Less. Be You. Not More.

The Imperfect Leader Program

Imperfection clings to a person, and if they wait till they are brushed off entirely, they would spin for ever on their axis, advancing nowhere. Thomas Carlyle

Creating sustainable workplace cultures, healthier people and higher performance starts with YOU.

Your emotional health, mental resilence and physical wellbeing takes more than a good diet, yoga and a morning meditation to deliver the residence and ability you need. But Letting go of “Perfect” is a start.

High performers tend to foster a growth mindset (and a thirst for perfection) but we all have limiting beliefs that sabotage our behaviour and slow us down. No matter how much green juice or time on our mat we include!

To be an inspiring leader for others, your self awareness, personal insight and inspiration needs to be constantly evolving and regularly topped up. But how and with who, is the question?

What if you were part of the solution, collaboratively working with a small (12+) group of peers that you trusted completely, alongside a world-class facilitator and transformational coach, teaching you cutting-edge techniques and tools?

Many leaders I’ve coached model impressive drive, ambition and determination, but struggle with vulnerability, daring to fail or reaching out for help. Seeing these as weaker traits and not to be indulged, they suppress their emotions and disconnect from how they feel; not realising this will sap their power, drain their creativity and damage their health. And stop them from accessing their own deeper wisdom, intuition and strength.

I’ve seen brilliant leaders snap and resign or be pushed from their position unceremoniously, blaming the industry, the culture and deep down, themselves. Resulting in a loss for them, their business and those that they love. All because of broken connection to what they truly felt inside.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A 12 Month Mentor Mastermind & Wellbeing Program for HR Leaders & Leadership Teams is launching in January 2020.

Forget Brexit, are you ready for the new decade?!

Born out of many conversations with progressive leaders worldwide and 2 decades of research, this is your invitation to be part of a new and innovative program that will provide unparalleled support to help you and your business to grow, whatever change and uncertainty presents.

Learn how you and your company can transform your wellbeing initiatives and lead the way with smarter, healthier behaviours that you will adopt and master. Understand how the way you show up and perform at work has a ripple effect, helping you increase your growth and impact alongside key takeaways to ensure that you remain healthy and strong.

Working together within a collaborative community of your peers either within your business or across industry, who instinctively get where you are and where you’re wanting to go, this program will help you get more done, with less effort and for a greater return.

You will learn how to :-

  • Meet the different needs and perspectives of your multi-generational workforce 

  • Create programs that truly connect

  • Attract influential stakeholders to ensure the health of your business culture becomes a collaborative concern.

and understand how to: -

  • Gain peer-to-peer insights and shape wellbeing practices within your business and across your industry

  • Receive regular accountability and high level support

  • Develop your own wellbeing tools and techniques to ensure you role model best practice, and your behaviour empowers others.

Collectively letting go of pretending to be perfect, and instead, striving for greatness and progression, the energy of a rising tide lifting all boats will be ever present in our group, transforming the way you work and live forever.

Imagine how it would feel if you could remove the politics from your business, increase the transparency, create more flexible working or throw away the bad habits and procedures that only serve to frustrate and annoy.

What becomes possible if you’re able to change old ways of thinking, create more empowerment in your teams? Inspire more personal responsibility and a collaborative energy to change your culture?

What if that reduced turnover and increased your retention? Meant loyalty increased, including your own? Performance is boosted with a creative explosion, your role in the business is respected and valued, you win big awards and are leading the way?

These are all the things I believe a great Wellbeing Program should deliver and I believe are possible as part of The Imperfect Leader Program.

But there’s more… at the heart of this program is the commitment that YOU transform you own health, growth and impact so that you model imperfect but brilliant leadership. Always.

If you’re underperforming, overwhelmed, close to burnout or just know that you and your company’s ways of working are unsustainable for you and your people then let’s talk about you and your company being part of The Imperfect Leader Program.

*There are so many statistics supporting the Business Case for Wellbeing but as a brief overview: According to the World Health Authority one in four of us will be affected by a mental health disorder at some stage of our lives. One in two will experience cancer. Most of us have now have been touched by these in some way. 40% of UK employees, including senior management, experience anxiety at work. Stress and poor mental health remain two of the three causes of long term sickness absence with mental health issues costing employers nearly £35bn; £10.6bn in sickness absence, £21.2bn in reduced productivity and £3.1bn in replacing staff who leave due to their mental health. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) estimated that 15.4 million days were lost due to work related stress in 2017/18 (Up 2.9 million on the previous year and continuing to rise); 57.3% of working days lost to ill health are related to stress & anxiety and 45% of UK workers say their place of work doesn’t support mental health and wellbeing. If you care about your people, their performance and productivity you need leaders who are cared about and supported too.